Between simple living expert’s radical minimalism and a hoarder’s extreme fear of deprivation lies a happy medium (The mainstream) in which, I suspect, most of us would prefer to live.

We don’t want stacks of paperwork or junk everywhere, but we do want enough tableware to entertain guests, enough craft supplies for hobbies we really do expect to get back to when our current project is finished, etc.

If you are a person who lives a normal life, has kids, works, and just wants to simplify your life because you are too stressed and not enjoying the rat race, you will find a lot of inspiration and practical advice in this blog.

If you’re looking for ideas that are not too harsh for your lifestyle and in the same time experience the true essence of simple living, then you are in the right place.

Usually, simple living experts are extremists and sometimes come across as self-absorbed, illogical or too impractical.

Most of the time, they leave you feeling criticized, judged or lectured for not already being a minimalist, and they talk too much about how awesome their lifestyle is.

They assume that all readers should follow their paradigm and share their delight in bare surfaces and near-empty rooms.

But, is this really necessary to make you experience the essence of simplicity (i.e. enjoying more with less)?

That extremely frugal lifestyle may work for a few, but not for a lot of folks (the mainstream).

You needn’t beat yourself up for every penny you spend, nor should you reduce your entire life to a mad hunt or additional money saving ideas.

And that’s what this blog is all about.

This blog offers more mainstream ideas for simple living.

It gives you tips and ideas to enjoy more with less in different aspects of your life and that you can easily apply without feeling it is too much frugality or bizarre lifestyle.

I believe you want to experience the true essence of simple living which comes down to enjoying more with less – and you are the only one who can define what “less” is enough.

I promise you that I’ll share only ideas that I easily applied on my life and believe that the mainstream can easily embrace and apply.

Please note that I’m not a simple living expert.

In fact, I’m a motivational bestselling author, speaker and passionate living expert with 9 years of experience in helping unfulfilled corporate professionals set their heart and soul free from the prison of the paycheck and start following their passion and creating a life they can be proud of.

What I realized after years of teaching people how to live with passion is that simplicity is KEY to facilitate passionate living. So, I have developed an interest to deeply explore simplicity, share ideas with others and experiment it on my own life.

Look at me as a normal person who is frustrated by the radical minimalism tips out there and has decided to document and share his midway simple living ideas and experiments with you.

You’ll find my writing style free of fluff and to the point. Actually, what helps me with that is that English is not my native language … so I’ve to be short and to the point :)

In the end of every post, you’ll walk away with practical midway simple living ideas that you can easily apply to simplify a certain aspect of your life.

My goal is to inspire you to simplify your life and enjoy more with less.

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To Your Simple Life,

Mohamed Tohami