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In this blog, you'll find simple living ideas that fall midway between extreme frugality & minimalism and the hoarder’s extreme fear of deprivation. That’s where ordinary folks live and desire to enjoy more with less without being criticized, judged or lectured for not being an ‘extreme’ minimalist. Look at me as a normal person who is frustrated by the radical minimalism tips out there and has decided to document and share his midway simple living ideas and experiments with you. Click here to read more...
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Nine simple tips to get motivated to declutter

When it comes to motivation, decluttering is right there with going to the dentist: you know you have to do it, but you will find any excuse to delay it, postpone it or justify not doing it at all. Coming up with motivation to clear your house after 34 years of accumulating all that stuff […]

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My Oversimplification Mistake!

Before I got married, I was living with my family in a nice apartment in Heliopolis, Cairo. After marriage, I bought a house in Mokattam, Cairo where I lived with my wife for almost 5 years. A couple of months ago, we relocated to a new house in First Settlement, New Cairo, to be close to […]

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7 Warning Signs That Your Life Is Out of Control

You are surrounded by chaos and stress, so you decided to consider simple living. But you’re worried that by simplifying your life you’re going to lose a lot of valuable things, change a lot habits and offend a lot of people. If you feel so, then here’s an important insight for you … “The opportunity lost by […]

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Slow Down and Take Stock

This is a guest post by Jo Bennett from the Minimalist Self Blog. How are you at sitting still? If you meditate regularly, you likely have an answer to this. If you do not meditate, then give sitting a try – set an alarm for 15 minutes, do nothing and see what happens. You may […]

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One Easy Way of Simplifying Your Groceries

This is a guest post by Laura Omamo from the Life Graduate blog. Here’s my relationship to a five kilo bag of rice … I buy rice in five kilo sacks and dry beans in big bags and spaghetti in family packages – even when I lived alone. There are many advantages to buy in bulk: […]

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5 Things To Do Today To Feel Better

We all have those days … days when we are feeling “not quite tip-top.” Here’s what to do! 1. Give yourself the day off If you work for someone else, take a “sick” or “vacation” day. Edit your to-do list for today, postponing or eliminating any item you don’t truly feel like doing today. 2. Pamper yourself […]

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What Does Simple Living Mean To You?

My friend Joel Zaslofsky from Value of Simple is running an interesting project called “What Simple Living Means To Me”.  It is part of his GREAT SimpleREV initiative that’s going to change the simple living world forever! For the first time ever, all simple living advocates will gather in one place to connect, inspire and revive. […]

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The World’s Best Simple Living App

I’ve been searching for a simple living app that can really help me apply the principles of simplicity in my daily life. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. Most apps out there focus more on things related to productivity, shopping lists, savings, daily chores, etc. But nothing really is created to help you develop simple living […]

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Organize Your Closet In 4 Easy Steps

This is a guest post by Michele O’Connor and Carol Preibis, co-publishers of Ahh The Simple Life. Is your closet a disaster? Can’t even find your favorite pair of jeans in the big pile of clothes on your floor? Don’t despair, these few steps will get you organized, up and running – fast! 1. The first thing to do […]

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How To Travel The World Without Flying

Welcome to a new episode of the Midway Simplicity show. This year our theme is “Where Passion Meets Simplicity”.  That’s why I look for and invite top simplicity advocates to share with you how simple living can help you pursue your passions and do things that matter. (If you have any suggestions for potential guests, please […]

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