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Spending a Little More May Bring Joy, But Its Impact Will Be Huge!

Are you finding it challenging to cope with the ever-increasing expenses rate? What about your paycheck … is it increasing with the same rate? If your expenses rate keep on increasing faster than your paycheck, where do you think you will end up? I am afraid to say… BROKE! It is  hard to accept that […]

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Five Tips To Simplify Your Life All The Way to Financial Freedom

Have you heard the story about a group of businessmen who visited a fishing village and found a fisherman sleeping in the shade under a tree with a hat over his face? Well, they woke him up to offer him their advice on how to make more money and have more successful life. The first […]

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How To Travel The World Without Flying

Welcome to a new episode of the Midway Simplicity show. This year our theme is “Where Passion Meets Simplicity”.  That’s why I look for and invite top simplicity advocates to share with you how simple living can help you pursue your passions and do things that matter. (If you have any suggestions for potential guests, please […]

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What Is The Simplest Business?

Want to start your own blog? Please leave your vote below… ==== Do you think it is possible to start a business that has the following options? Unlimited income potential Location independent (i.e. you can run it from anywhere) Serving unlimited number of customers without significant expansion You can manage alone or with a team […]

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How Blogging Can Help You Create A Simpler Lifestyle

Blogging was one of the best things I’ve done in my professional life. It opened a whole new world for me and helped me connect with awesome people from all around the world. Moreover, it helped me make enough money by sharing my passion with others. When you have a successful blog with a decent […]

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Nicolas Berggruen – The Richest Minimalist on the Planet

Can wealth and minimalism go together? In this guest post by Michael Fernando, you’ll discover great insights from the life of Nicolas Berggruen, the richest minimalist on the planet! When I went to listen to Nicholas Berggruen talk at the Oxford Union, I knew of him as a business man, an investor. I went to learn […]

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29 Tips For Traveling Around The World on a Budget

Traveling around the world without being a millionaire is possible. In this guest post by Passainte Assem, you’re going to find great tips on how to travel the world on a budget.   Traveling around the world seems like an EXOTIC idea. I bet that you ask yourself several times a week, maybe a couple […]

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“Help Me With My Finances”: 5 Tips to Keep Your Finances and Life Simple

This is a guest post by Stevie Clapton. If you need help with your finances, this article will show you how living a frugal lifestyle can help you simplify your finances and life. New times call to new models, and one of these models is being frugal. When it comes to living a frugal lifestyle, it […]

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Simple Ways To Live a Party Lifestyle on a Budget

This is a guest post by Katie Many people believe that only wealthy people can enjoy life’s finer things such as nice clothes, luxury life, good food and so on. It is also believed by most people that if they make less income every month then they should sacrifice their enjoyment. However, living a party […]

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Midway Simplicity Tips of The Week: Comfort, Expenses, Liberation

I’m thinking of starting a weekly post featuring Midway Simplicity Tips of The Week. In this type of post, I’m going to share with you quick and easy tips & ideas to help you simplify and enjoy more with less, without being too harsh on your lifestyle. If you like today’s post, I will make […]

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