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How Decluttering Can Make Life Easier for People with Disabilities

Decluttering is difficult at best of times. It can be physically hard work. It is emotionally draining as we detach ourselves from our possessions. It is far more difficult for elderly, hurt or disabled people. I received a letter from our follower Beth who is dealing with some particular challenges. She is trying to declutter […]

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Slow Down and Take Stock

This is a guest post by Jo Bennett from the Minimalist Self Blog. How are you at sitting still? If you meditate regularly, you likely have an answer to this. If you do not meditate, then give sitting a try – set an alarm for 15 minutes, do nothing and see what happens. You may […]

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5 Things To Do Today To Feel Better

We all have those days … days when we are feeling “not quite tip-top.” Here’s what to do! 1. Give yourself the day off If you work for someone else, take a “sick” or “vacation” day. Edit your to-do list for today, postponing or eliminating any item you don’t truly feel like doing today. 2. Pamper yourself […]

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15 Healthy Snacks for Health and Nutrition

This is a guest post by Radha Vanga from Health Beckon Snacking is an important part of a healthy diet. Munching on snacks with the right amount of nutrients will provide you with extra energy to carry on with your daily activities. It fuels the growth of lean muscles, boosting the metabolic rate. Snacking also helps […]

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5 Ways To Slow Down And Live a More Meaningful Life

This is a guest post by Mariel Boldis from Project Simple Life. Once you slow down your driving pace, you’ll no longer have to wonder why the driver in front of you is always traveling slower than you are” – Elaine St. James, Simplify Your Life. Pushing down the accelerator, the notches increase. 45…. 60… 83, […]

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Zen and The Art of Walking

This is a guest post by Kevin Wood from Counter Culturist We love to make our lives overly complex. In our quest for simplicity we get wrapped up in everything we must do to live a simple life. Instead of simply stripping away the unimportant, we force more simple activities into our lives. We hop off the […]

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Creating a Simpler Relationship with Your Idea of Work-Life Balance

This is a guest post by Akilah Richards Recent studies have shown that the world has become so chaotic for some with work, children and personal obligations that many men and women today feel like they’re running around in circles. This can make it extremely difficult for you to find a moment of peace, and sacrifice […]

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Signs of Stress? Check Out This Week’s Midway Simplicity Tips #16

If you feel that there are increasing signs of stress in your life, then this week’s tips may inspire you to start relaxing and reducing your stress level. My favorite tip this week is the one about “Stay at Home Moms”. It is an excerpt from a poem by Annie Brewer of If you’re […]

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Top Ten Good Health Habits in the New Year

This week’s edition of the Midway Simplicity Tips of The Week comes from Laura Plumb. It is all about good HEALTH habits! 1. Breathe Breathe deep. Breathe with awareness. Breathe light, love and gratitude into your whole being and feel what a miracle you are. 2. Center  Say a prayer, meditate, or listen to inner […]

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Five Tips for Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance

This is a guest post by Lillian Sanders   Finding a healthy work-life balance is something that millions of hardworking people struggle with every day. It is, however, possible to achieve such a balance by using the five proven suggestions detailed below. 1. Put Your Health First If you do not stay healthy, both your […]

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