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6 Ways To Have Memorable Family Gatherings Without Owning Lots of Stuff

Having our family and friends around our dining table for holidays or on the weekends is one of life’s great pleasures. Everyone loves coming to the Nana’s Sunday turkey lunch or for grandma’s special holiday feast. We love it when our home is a hub that attracts the whole family, neighbors, old girlfriends, school friends […]

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How To Save Your Marriage From The Decluttering Fight

In this new episode of the Midway Decluttering Show, you’re going to listen to the decluttering secrets of the amazing couple behind Simple Life Together. Follow their tips to save your marriage from the fight about simplicity and decluttering. My special guests are Dan & Vanessa from, a great blog and podcast on iTunes. […]

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Five Negative Beliefs Almost Everyone Has About Simple Living (And How To Get Rid Of Them)

In this edition of the Midway Simplicity Tips of The Week, you’re going to discover how to get rid of five negative beliefs about love, frugality, simplicity, time and visualization. I decided to add my insights to the weekly tips in order to trigger an enriched conversation around them. I hope you like this new […]

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Four Family Adventure Holidays With Something For Everyone

This is a guest post by Jennifer Doherty. In this article, you will see how simply you can enjoy family adventure holidays where all family members can have a wonderful experience. [Photo Credit: Celtic Quest Coasteering] Still looking for that perfect family holiday, but stuck for a solution? Read on, we may well have the answer for […]

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How 7 Days of Screen-free Can Transform Your Kids

  Before we get into today’s post, I would like to remind you that today is your last chance to order your copy of the Midway Simplicity ebook at the discounted launch price. I’m so thrilled, because the book is receiving lots of awesome reviews. Here’s just a sample: “This book is as simple as […]

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How to Teach Your Children to Live Simply

This is a guest post by Carlina Yepinski Children learn from the examples we set. If we fill our lives with the consumption of material goods, we teach our children to value things equally and to focus on acquisition. On the other hand, if we live a simple life and practice frugality, we teach our children […]

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Screen Addiction: Disconnect To Connect

Today, I would like to share with you a very inspiring guest post by one of my readers, her name is Ola Rasmy. When she sent me this article, I LOVED it! And I thought that it is definitely worth sharing today, instead of our weekly midway simplicity tips. Enjoy reading it and please let […]

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Midway Simplicity Tips of The Week: Relationships, Successful Marriage, Sustainable Change, and More…

Welcome to a new edition of the Midway Simplicity Tips of The Week. Enjoy! Strengthen your relationship by writing love notes. “When it comes to questions of right and wrong, one man’s common sense is another’s foolishness. Remember this and discussions with those who think differently than you will bear far more fruit.” – Colin […]

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55 Simple Gift Ideas That Are Unique and Memorable

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” – Garrison Keillor A gift is never measured by its price. A true gift is always measured by its meaning (and sometimes its usefulness too). You don’t have to buy expensive gifts to show how much you value the other person. Simple ideas that […]

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Simplifying Relationships Is Golden

This is a guest post by Allan Douglas of Simple Life Prattle. The world is a complex place. People are complex creatures. One person dealing with the world can be stressful, start adding other people and the stress level increases exponentially. How do we reduce the stress that interaction with other people – especially people […]

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