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Slow Down and Take Stock

This is a guest post by Jo Bennett from the Minimalist Self Blog. How are you at sitting still? If you meditate regularly, you likely have an answer to this. If you do not meditate, then give sitting a try – set an alarm for 15 minutes, do nothing and see what happens. You may […]

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What Does Simple Living Mean To You?

My friend Joel Zaslofsky from Value of Simple is running an interesting project called “What Simple Living Means To Me”.  It is part of his GREAT SimpleREV initiative that’s going to change the simple living world forever! For the first time ever, all simple living advocates will gather in one place to connect, inspire and revive. […]

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FREE Live Webinar: Overcome Your Fears, Find Your Passion and Enjoy The Best Days of Your Life In 4 Simple Steps

A few days ago, I received an interesting message on Midway Simplicity facebook page. What stood out for me in that message was this sentence… “Now that I sit here with all the things I truly love, want, need and having a clear mind I’m asking myself what’s next?” It is a message from a […]

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The Top Simplicity Blog in 2013

I’m glad to announce that the top simplicity blog in 2013 is… The Simple Year by Kandice Bridges Her blog is very authentic and full of practical tips. Congratulations Kandice! You truly deserve it. I plan to invite Kandice to be my guest on the Midway Simplicity show in 2014. Thanks to everyone who participated […]

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If You Don’t Know The Right Simplicity Definition Now, You’ll Complicate Your Life Later

What is simplicity? I receive regular emails from my readers who are struggling to pursue simplicity. They feel obligated to declutter stuff that they don’t want to get rid of. They feel forced to do certain things that they are not comfortable doing in order to live simpler. So instead of pursuing simplicity to make […]

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10 Places to Find Unexpected Pleasure

“Simplicity is about the unexpected pleasure derived from what is likely to be insignificant and would otherwise go unnoticed.” – John Maeda The core of simple living is removing anything that stands between you and enjoyment. Ideally, all the clutter should be eliminated to leave you only with what matters most. We often tend to […]

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Awesome Minimalism Infographic!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who voted for the best logo. I hope you like the new look and feel of Midway Simplicity. Last week, Aaliyah, one of my readers shared with me an awesome infographic about minimalism and living with less. I couldn’t resist sharing it with you today. The core […]

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The Beginner’s Guide To Simplifying Your Life

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” –Yogi Berra I receive frequent emails from readers who are just starting their simple living quest. I notice that many of them are wandering where to begin and how to progress. That’s why in this post I would like to share with […]

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The Simplicity of Focusing on What You Love

In this guest post by Vanessa Salas, you’re going to discover how much you are unique and that you don’t have to follow someone else’s path to success. Instead, just focus on what makes YOU happy. “Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement”. – Bill Watterson Have you […]

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Finding Purpose: From a Broken Self-Esteem to a Bestselling Author

I would like to share with you a very important lesson that transformed my life and can transform your life too…that’s the biggest lesson I’ve ever learned about finding your purpose, living simply and following your passion. Here’s the beginning…   I remember the day I returned home from school with my first chemistry lesson. […]

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