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Vote For The Best Ebook Cover

The Midway Simplicity ebook is almost done. The expected release date is Monday, December 3, 2012. This ebook summarizes all the tips that were shared during the Midway Simplicity shows so far. It features 16 simplicity authors and famous bloggers. You’ll find easy solutions and mainstream ideas to help  you simplify the most important areas […]

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Everything Takes Time, But Does This Mean You Should Wait Forever?!

You have a goal — a big goal may be. You are on track, but it is taking too much time. Optimistic and successful people around you encourage you to persist and be patient. They tell you that everything takes time. Pessimistic and average people around you think you should quit what you’re trying to […]

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How To Deal With The Unexpected (The Midway Choice)

As usual, you wake up early in the morning to drive to work before the rush hour. You take a shower, get dressed, and eat your breakfast. Then, you leave home and go to your car to find a flat tyre! It takes time to replace the tyre, you drive in the rush hour, you’re […]

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The Middle Way of Simplicity (aka The Minimalist Experiment)

This is a guest post from Robert Wall of Untitled Minimalism. When I was a kid, I took swimming lessons. And when you’re a kid taking swimming lessons, you start in the shallow end of the pool. Being able to swim like the adults seems impossible, since none of the parts of your body seem […]

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Conformity vs. Simplicity

“Our culture demands conformity and our souls too willingly submit to the pursuit of possessions … seeking life, happiness, and meaning in all the wrong places.” – Joshua Becker Once upon a time, life was simple. Then as human beings evolved and the culture and social influences took over, simplicity was swapped by conformity. Most […]

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Need Your Help With The Title Of A New E-book

First of all, I would like to thank the 58,310 readers who visited this blog since its launch on April 17, 2012. I’m so happy by the amazing feedback I received from you in general and on The Midway Simplicity Show specifically. We have already completed 10 episodes with awesome simplicity experts. They all honored me […]

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How To Turn Your Intentions Into Actions

This is a guest post by Andrea Briggs from The Inside Thread Studio What do you wish for yourself, community, world? Simplicity? Better health? Greater awareness? Do you know you can imagine, design, create, and establish new mental thoughts {habits} which will allow you to create ripples of love & kindness and fuel the very own aspirations for […]

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Simplicity Is Not An Absolute

This is a guest post by LJ Earnest from the The Simple Productivity Blog The most common thing people say to me when they find out I write about simplification is “I can’t do that. I can’t live without stuff.” And that’s before they even find out what I think simplification is. It’s all over […]

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What To Do When Life Is So Complicated?

Have you heard of an animal that complains about not having enough money? Have you heard of an insect that suffers from too much stress? Have you heard of a fish that lives in pain due to a broken relationship? Probably, only human beings live a complicated life. I believe the main reason why our […]

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