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4 Easy Steps To Let Go of the Junk, Not the Memories

My basement is a disaster. Boxes and boxes of stuff take up this unlived in space. I had five totes of VHS movies. I don’t even own a VCR, why in the world am I taking up space with these unusable items? There is no logical reason for keeping them. So why was I hanging […]

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Infographic: Decluttering The Home

One of my blog readers shared with me the following amazing infographic about decluttering the home. I hope you like it as much as I do.  

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I Want to Declutter But…

Every few months I think, right, this is the time I am going to really get to grips with decluttering my house, but somehow I can never get started. The reason I can’t get started is because I simply have so much stuff I don’t know where to begin. I have thought about getting a […]

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The Recipe For Decluttering: Whatever Works For Us

Decluttering is, like simplifying life, a very personal process. It makes us deal with our past, and our future, and it is often emotional. Most of us try to learn from other people what helped them, what put them on the right path and what technique worked best for them. But, as it so often […]

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How To Conquer Fear of Giving Up Stuff on The Path Towards Simpler Life

“I might need it someday” is one of the most common answers when we are confronted with piles of useless (to others) things and advised to get rid of them. Is it the fear of being poor, of appearing wasteful, of being resourceful and planning on re-purposing, of being procrastinators, of being cheap…? There are […]

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How to Help a Hoarder to Start Decluttering and Simplifying

You are not able to get to the stove because of all the stuff around it? Bathroom so full of stuff that you cannot shower in it? Your bed is so loaded that there is no enough space for you to sleep in? If this sounds familiar, you are living with a hoarder. A hoarder […]

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Nine simple tips to get motivated to declutter

When it comes to motivation, decluttering is right there with going to the dentist: you know you have to do it, but you will find any excuse to delay it, postpone it or justify not doing it at all. Coming up with motivation to clear your house after 34 years of accumulating all that stuff […]

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My Oversimplification Mistake!

Before I got married, I was living with my family in a nice apartment in Heliopolis, Cairo. After marriage, I bought a house in Mokattam, Cairo where I lived with my wife for almost 5 years. A couple of months ago, we relocated to a new house in First Settlement, New Cairo, to be close to […]

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7 Warning Signs That Your Life Is Out of Control

You are surrounded by chaos and stress, so you decided to consider simple living. But you’re worried that by simplifying your life you’re going to lose a lot of valuable things, change a lot habits and offend a lot of people. If you feel so, then here’s an important insight for you … “The opportunity lost by […]

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One Easy Way of Simplifying Your Groceries

This is a guest post by Laura Omamo from the Life Graduate blog. Here’s my relationship to a five kilo bag of rice … I buy rice in five kilo sacks and dry beans in big bags and spaghetti in family packages – even when I lived alone. There are many advantages to buy in bulk: […]

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