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Slow Down and Take Stock

This is a guest post by Jo Bennett from the Minimalist Self Blog. How are you at sitting still? If you meditate regularly, you likely have an answer to this. If you do not meditate, then give sitting a try – set an alarm for 15 minutes, do nothing and see what happens. You may […]

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Can’t Keep Up? 7 Ways to Zen Your Life

Nowadays, we think that everything is NOT enough. We want to have… A greater car The next super gadget Dinner at luxurious restaurants Expensive, branded clothes and much more. If we can’t get this kind of life, we think we aren’t living the good life. In your pursuit of having all these luxurious things, you […]

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5 Ways To Slow Down And Live a More Meaningful Life

This is a guest post by Mariel Boldis from Project Simple Life. Once you slow down your driving pace, you’ll no longer have to wonder why the driver in front of you is always traveling slower than you are” – Elaine St. James, Simplify Your Life. Pushing down the accelerator, the notches increase. 45…. 60… 83, […]

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Work Less, Achieve More: The Battery-Life Work Day Experiment

If you spend a lot of time online for work-related reasons, then you know that online time can eat up your entire day. You can waste a lot of time doing social networking, emails, reading blogs & news, and other stuff, and forget about the important tasks you need to finish in your work day. […]

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The Simplicity of Focusing on What You Love

In this guest post by Vanessa Salas, you’re going to discover how much you are unique and that you don’t have to follow someone else’s path to success. Instead, just focus on what makes YOU happy. “Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement”. – Bill Watterson Have you […]

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Creating a Simpler Relationship with Your Idea of Work-Life Balance

This is a guest post by Akilah Richards Recent studies have shown that the world has become so chaotic for some with work, children and personal obligations that many men and women today feel like they’re running around in circles. This can make it extremely difficult for you to find a moment of peace, and sacrifice […]

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Do You Miss A Lot Of Opportunities To Enjoy Your Life?

“Opportunities for enjoying the days are all over the place.  The problem is that life keeps going and we are often too busy to take advantage of the opportunities we see.” – Lorilee Lippincott   That statement struck me while reading the latest post at the Loving Simple Living blog by my friend Lorilee Lippincott. […]

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Who Else Wants To Become More Productive at Home and at Work

In this guest post by Jorge Blanco, you’re going to have a closer look at two great tips that will help you become more productive at home and at work.  In the previous article, we already discussed how to increase productivity and what hinders productivity, so now we move on to taking a closer look […]

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Two Familiar Productivity Problems – Which Ones Do You Want To Overcome?

In this guest post by Jorge Blanco, you’re going to discover solutions to two familiar productivity problems. If you want to increase your productivity at home and at work to a constant high, then you’ll enjoy reading this post.   Do you have an eight hours job? Then perhaps you’ve had a battle with productivity before. […]

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4 Rituals to Simplify Your Life – Without Decluttering a Thing

This is a guest post by Brooke McAlary. You’re going to discover how to simplify your life by spending 15 minutes a day focusing on four simple rituals.   Somewhere along the way, pursuing a simple life became synonymous with decluttering. That to live a simple life simply meant living with less possessions. And that is […]

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