Designed in Simplicity

simplicity in nature

This is a excerpt from Andrea Briggs’s upcoming e-book, The New Anatomy of The Modern Life, flowing out to the universe in 2013.

Andrea is one of the featured experts in my new book Midway Simplicity.

If you think simplicity is something too hard to achieve, then let’s start with the notion that simplicity isn’t just about what we do in our daily lives, it lies beyond the possessions and constant adjusting of work, relationship, and money; simplicity must be understood in the subtle flow of nature.

You will see without a doubt that you too are designed to live in the flow. Designed to let energy move through you. Designed to feel the endless stream of possibilities that rest, even in the smallest unit of consciousness in the body.

You are designed in simplicity

Simply put, we are made to live simply. The hold-up to simplicity are our entanglements, the deep rooted knots of disconnect, separateness, the stagnant pool of misunderstanding of our interconnection on this planet and within the cosmos. We are swirling in our own congestion of mental, emotional and physical clutter (both body tensions & actual possessions).

If we want to experience simplicity, true simplicity, then we must tap into the flow of nature. We must become observers, and through these observations we must allow the flow of what is truly real to seep into our lives.

Dismantling the separation

Imagine a beautiful flowing body of water, the essence of life on Earth. Water is a vehicle of expression, a reminder of purity, flow, the dismantling of separateness; it’s the carrier and breeder of life. Water is not separate from anything. Its loving flow, even when rushing, rising, and crashing feeds and cleanses the earth, and the body.

In fact, look at anything in nature and you will not see separateness. Instead, you see flow, balance, and delicate simplicity.

I use water as an example because it is so fitting for ourselves. When water becomes stagnant, it fills with poison and disease; we can see this in our own body, mind, emotions, and spirit; when we become stagnant in these realms of humanness we too become slowly poisoned and “dis-eased”.

I have found when I study nature, observe the shores, rivers, bugs, birds, I understand what it means to live simply. Within the design of all natural things on this planet is a subtle yet grand balance of flow. This flow is what we need to tap into, it is the elixir to our misunderstandings.

We are designed in simplicity. We are designed in the natural rhythms of the cosmos.

Simplicity doesn’t mean it isn’t complex in design, or intelligent in it’s form, great designs of nature and human architecture are simple, yet grand.

Simplicity is the allowing of the flow of energy in such a way that it could never include separateness or the lack of flow.

Separateness is an idea that society embraces as something of truth. Simplicity in life becomes hard when we don’t include the most tender and delicate facets of our own cosmic nature. When we simply don’t see the context of the balances of nature within ourselves.

You see if we want to truly live in simplicity then we must embrace who we are in relation to our planet. We must understand that what we deem as hard to accomplish is nothing but an undiscovered part of our natural being.

Now apply these thoughts to your conditions

How is life flowing through you?

Have you often considered the relationship between nature and you?

Have you cluttered your flow of energy with too much stuff that doesn’t vibrate to your design?

Do you trap your energy in the bits and pieces of material things that don’t make sense?

What about the flow of thoughts, emotions, even within the physical body?

If we want to reconnect to simplicity then we need to incorporate all the aspects of ourselves. What we need to do is remember the subtle flow of nature. You are designed to flow, you are not separate, and you are designed in simplicity.

Contemplate what that means for you. Observe for yourself a flowing river, a moving wave…see the simplicity of life, and a simple knowing that you are that.

Reconnect to it’s flow and let it wash away what doesn’t serve your body, mind, emotions, spirit, and the things you hold on to.

And always remember, you are designed in simplicity.


You can follow Andrea on her explorations of simplicity, love, and creativity at


*Photo Credit: by DirtyZound

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2 Responses to Designed in Simplicity

  1. Michelle January 14, 2013 at 11:00 pm #

    Wow, this really resonated with me! I have started on my own journey towards simplicity and am rapidly uncovering issues that I have been using physical and mental clutter to cover up! I love it when things work out this way!

    • Mohamed Tohami January 15, 2013 at 11:04 am #

      Covering up issue doesn’t solve anything. I’m glad you find this article useful to help you find inner peace.

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