Fresh Start: Live Simply With Modern Style

If you would like to have a fresh start and live simply with modern style, then you’ll love this new episode of the Midway Decluttering Show.

sandy kreps

My special guest is Sandy Kreps, author of Fresh Start: 31 Days to Simplify, Declutter and Rein in the ChaosShe has been “going green” since 2005, and has been writing, teaching and speaking on green living and simplicity subjects since 2007. Her blog Modern Simplicity has been her online home since then.

Enjoy watching this new episode

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Here are some interesting notes I took:

  1. Would you like to leave a legacy of waste and excess to your children?
  2. When you have kids, decluttering helps you spend less time cleaning!
  3. Start decluttering in the bathroom. It is usually the smallest room in the house, and it contains a lot of clutter that you’re not emotionally attached to.
  4. Decluttering the bathroom will give you a fresh place to start every morning and end every night.
  5. The less stuff you have the less you need to worry about the organizing part.
  6. Organizing question: Where am I going to get this a home?
  7. Always declutter with a timer.
  8. Don’t mess with other people’s stuff. Lead by example instead.
  9. If you feel so attached to an item, try giving it to someone who you know is going to appreciate it and use it.
  10. Give away items you may need later to people who may need them now!
  11. There are so many ways to pamper yourself without buying extra stuff. Make a list of the things or activities that make you happy or that don’t require more clutter.
  12. Instead of thinking “give away”, think “bless away“.
  13. Sandy shares a great perspective on this famous quote: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci

What is your favorite tip?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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One Response to Fresh Start: Live Simply With Modern Style

  1. Early Retirement Journey April 25, 2013 at 1:14 am #

    That what I’m paying top dollar for today will sell for no more than 20 cents on the dollar on Craigslist. Doesn’t matter what it is, used it’s only worth 1/5 of what I paid to someone else.
    That helps put the brakes on most of my spending.

    The other rule I follow is the one in, one out rule. Knowing I’ll have to find something to get rid of before I bring a new item into my home is another automatic deterrent.

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