How Can Limitations Free You Up?

In the pillar post entitled “If Simple Living Is a Game, These Are The Rules”, I shared with you the 3 step process to simplify any area of your life.

The 3 steps are:

  1. Declutter: eliminate the unnecessary.
  2. Organize: put like things together.
  3. Maintain: control the flow of what comes in and what goes out.

One of the most important actions to help you in the maintenance phase is to set limits.

Truth is that self imposed limitations can free you up to enjoy a higher quality of life.

As Courtney Carver of says, “The purpose of limits is not deprivation or suffering, but a way to decide what you really need, what you really want, and how you want to live your life.”

Try to imagine a river without banks.

The water will spread everywhere and won’t benefit anyone. Banks set limits along the river and maintain its value and usefulness. It allows the river to run in a well defined path to serve and benefit everyone.

Here’s another example of the usefulness of setting limitations …

We all aspire to develop and maintain a healthy eating habit, right?

The easiest way to achieve this goal is to empty your home from all unhealthy foods. Then, set limits on the types of food the enter your home, so that you can easily maintain a healthy eating routine.

“It’s much easier to eat a healthy diet if the food that you have at home is healthy.” – Cindy from

Limits on the unnecessary free up a room for the necessary.

When you set limits on the things that don’t matter, you free up a space for what really matters.

This is how self imposed limitations can increase the quality of your life and help you enjoy more with less.

When you set limits so that what come into your life are only the things that matter to you and bring you the most joy, then you free yourself up to enjoy the beauty of a simplified life.

Think of setting limits on:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Internet
  • TV
  • Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Clothes
  • Possessions
  • Expenses
  • Accessibility (modern ways of communication made us accessible to others 24/7)
  • What else can you add?

What limits are you going to set today in order to free up a space for what truly matters?


* Photo Credit: by hortulus

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4 Responses to How Can Limitations Free You Up?

  1. Kimberley July 16, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    Mohamed, you are a wise sage. Frequently, my grown daughter and I discuss the benefits of “information sharing”. I imagine this was what it was like when the philosophers gathered in ancient Greece, or the Muses gathered in Alexandria. We have the benefit, right at our finger tips, to immediately gather information and knowledge that at one time took years to disseminate.

    Your latest post reminds everyone that we need to continually evaluate and detox our homes and our bodies of things which no longer serve us.

    • Mohamed Tohami July 17, 2012 at 11:50 am #

      Oh! Thanks a lot Kimberley for your nice words. I like the term “detox our homes”. Our lives are full of toxic elements that affect our experience and enjoyment.

  2. Online Gym Classes October 18, 2012 at 11:49 pm #

    Great piece! I think it is important to set limitations on things that are not really significant in our lives, but have the ability to take over. Instead of spending hours on social media sites, use that time to spend quality time with loved ones and taking care of yourself with exercise and healthy eating.


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