The Zen Programmer – How To Practice Zen Living

Welcome to a new episode of the Midway Simplicity show. This year, I invite top simplicity advocates to share with you how simple living can help you pursue your passions and do things that matter. Decluttering only won’t make you happy. It just paves the way and creates a space for your passions and the […]

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Can’t Keep Up? 7 Ways to Zen Your Life

Nowadays, we think that everything is NOT enough. We want to have… A greater car The next super gadget Dinner at luxurious restaurants Expensive, branded clothes and much more. If we can’t get this kind of life, we think we aren’t living the good life. In your pursuit of having all these luxurious things, you […]

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7 Ways to Make Downsizing Easier

This is a guest post by Michele O’Connor and Carol Preibis from Ahh The Simple Life. Home sweet smaller home: the cozy living-dining room Michele O’Connor created for herself and her husband just five months ago, when they downsized from their four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath Colonial to a one-bedroom, one-bath condo with loft. Downsizing is stressful. I’d love to help […]

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The Simple Year

Welcome to a new episode of the Midway Simplicity Show 2014! This year, I will invite top simplicity advocates to talk about how to live simply with intense passion. We will take it beyond decluttering, and share everything you need to know about what makes life meaningful, simple and fulfilling. Today’s interview is with Kandice […]

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15 Healthy Snacks for Health and Nutrition

This is a guest post by Radha Vanga from Health Beckon Snacking is an important part of a healthy diet. Munching on snacks with the right amount of nutrients will provide you with extra energy to carry on with your daily activities. It fuels the growth of lean muscles, boosting the metabolic rate. Snacking also helps […]

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Webinar Recording: Find Your Passion

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s live webinar on how to overcome your fears, find your passion and enjoy the best days of your life. If you missed the webinar and the live interaction, at least you can enjoy the recording [Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to stay updated]   Here’re top three reasons […]

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5 Ways To Slow Down And Live a More Meaningful Life

This is a guest post by Mariel Boldis from Project Simple Life. Once you slow down your driving pace, you’ll no longer have to wonder why the driver in front of you is always traveling slower than you are” – Elaine St. James, Simplify Your Life. Pushing down the accelerator, the notches increase. 45…. 60… 83, […]

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FREE Live Webinar: Overcome Your Fears, Find Your Passion and Enjoy The Best Days of Your Life In 4 Simple Steps

A few days ago, I received an interesting message on Midway Simplicity facebook page. What stood out for me in that message was this sentence… “Now that I sit here with all the things I truly love, want, need and having a clear mind I’m asking myself what’s next?” It is a message from a […]

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Simplify Without Stress

This month I am expecting a new baby boy (Adam). I already have a 3.5 years old girl named Maleeka. As the delivery date approached, my wife started to raise her concern about the increasing number of chores and responsibilities when Adam arrives. When I told her that the best solution is to simplify more, […]

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Are You Overwhelmed By Decluttering?

Decluttering is the core of almost all simplicity content everywhere. And every other day I receive an email from a reader expressing how much he/she is overwhelmed by decluttering. This raises a warning flag that decluttering – as perceived today – is stealing the essence of simplicity and is making people’s lives more complicated. My […]

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