Simplify Without Stress

This month I am expecting a new baby boy (Adam). I already have a 3.5 years old girl named Maleeka.

As the delivery date approached, my wife started to raise her concern about the increasing number of chores and responsibilities when Adam arrives. When I told her that the best solution is to simplify more, she was totally sold on an idea that she was usually resisting before. This time, she surrendered to the fact that simplicity is the ultimate solution, if she really wants to have less chores, headache and stress, and enjoy her new baby more.

simplify without stress

We started an interesting conversation about where to start, how to establish a daily/weekly routine and decluttering a lot of unnecessary stuff that makes our home not so child friendly.

We decided to start with the kitchen. We found a lot of utensils and tools that leave the kitchen in a big mess at the end of the day. Washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen was one of the most dreadful home chores.

We began the kitchen decluttering process and after only one hour of decluttering we had a HUGE bag full of unnecessary stuff that she rarely or never used.

I always believe that limitation provides freedom!

I told my wife that when we get rid of unnecessary tools, and limit ourselves to using basic things, we will have to adopt a new cooking style that’s simpler and healthier. And at the end of the day, we won’t have a kitchen full of piles of dishes, utensils and tools that need to be cleaned.

So far we have only decluttered 25% of the kitchen and we already started feeling the difference!

Are You Under Pressure To Simplify Your Life?

Frequently, I receive emails from readers who are pressured to pursue a simpler life because they are having lifestyle changes, like expecting a new baby or relocating to a smaller house, etc. They feel the urgency of having a simpler life because there is no better solution. This sense of urgency puts people under stress. As a result, simplicity and decluttering turns into an obligation rather than a source of peace and joy.

That’s why I would like to share with you another approach/reason to decluttering and simplifying that doesn’t require being under pressure to start the process. You can start it now and it will serve you later.

Many people simplify their lives due to sudden lifestyle changes. But, it works much better if simplicity is based on the PASSION drive.

Let me explain…

My simple living quest started after I discovered my passion in life. I am a telecommunication engineer by education, but now I am a full time motivational speaker and bestselling author.

Back in 2003, When I figured out my passion for motivation, I was very far from it in terms of knowledge, skills and experience. I was still in my final year in college! That’s why after graduation, I had to search for a job in the Telecom industry, and develop my passion on the side. I practiced my passion on the side for years and as it grew bigger and bigger, I started to think seriously about doing it full time.

When my first book The Pharaohs’ Code became an Amazon #1 motivational bestseller, I couldn’t bear a job as an engineer anymore. I had an identity crisis. My job didn’t reflect who I am at all. So I had to make a decision to quit my job and pursue my passion full time. It was a MUST for me.

That’s when I started to explore the world of simplicity. Primarily, I wanted to decrease my financial needs, so that I can increase my financial independence and eliminate the paycheck control over me.

So, simplicity was a way to rework my lifestyle and eliminate all the unnecessary stuff and activities, so that the voice of my heart can speak loud and clear.

Passion gave my simple living journey a joyful meaning and an endless motivation. While I was simplifying my life, I was enjoying every part of the process. I started with simplifying the financial part of my life, but soon it extended to every part of my life.

When passion drives simplicity, simplifying doesn’t only become an answer to an urgent lifestyle change. Instead, simplicity becomes a mean to honoring who you really are, doing things that matter, making a difference in the world, and living a dream that’s larger than life. You simplify to live your legacy and do the things you were born to do. 

Don’t only simplify out of stress or due to a sense of urgency.

Discover your passion and what matters most to you NOW, then start to simplify your life and sweep away what stands between you and your passion.

This way simplicity will serve you better and will have a bigger meaning and impact on your life.


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5 Responses to Simplify Without Stress

  1. Moni February 6, 2014 at 9:11 pm #

    Great post and congrats on the upcoming arrival! I was very happy to read this post as you have nailed it. I started decluttering 3-4 years ago as we had too much stuff and it was difficult to manage. My long term goal at the time was to eventually live in an appartment but there were obviously some major obstacles in the way ie we had three school age kids who enjoyed having space and a decent size yard and convenient location for school and extra curricular activities, pets. Another major obstacle was obviously how much stuff we had. So I figured we had a few house steps in between, the first would be to prepare the current house for sale once the eldest had left home plus a reasonable length of time to ensure he was well established. The next step will be a smaller house and smaller yard, the next step will depend on how many pets we still have but eventually we will get there.

    So with what could have been a 10 year goal in mind I began decluttering. The eldest child has left home and we are redecorating to prepare the house for sale. If I’d left it till now to start decluttering, I would have found it too overwhelming and probably had to hire a storage facility etc.

    Even if someone doesn’t have a specific goal to declutter for, life changes usually every 5 years give or take, so being ready for change when it comes along means you can grab opportinity when it comes along.

    • Mohamed Tohami February 8, 2014 at 5:22 pm #

      Thanks a lot Moni for sharing your inspiring story. I like the way you explained how being ready for change makes you ready for opportunities.

  2. Christy King February 6, 2014 at 9:18 pm #

    Congratulations on the baby!

    Great point about focusing on your passion rather than the stuff. I’d also like to add to people who feel pressured, it’s not a race. It’s easy to simplify gradually. Sure, it will take longer, but there’s hardly any stress in just being more attentive. If you keep putting a shirt back in the closet instead of putting it on, recognize you don’t like it and put it in the charity pile. If the kitchen gadget drawer is packed, take a moment to pull out one or two gadgets you never use. You don’t have to spend a whole day decluttering the kitchen or your closet all at once.

    • Mohamed Tohami February 8, 2014 at 5:24 pm #

      Great advice Christy. Moving slowly but surely is always better. However, sometimes people start to pay attention to simplicity after facing a sudden lifestyle change. So, they don’t have the luxury to move slowly. That’s why they better start it now than later.


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