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Midway Simplicity

Easy Solutions To Simplify Your Time,
Health, Things, Finances, and Relationships

“You could go all over the internet to research simplicity.
Or you can check out Tohami’s book which
distills the best ideas from simplicity experts.

Beth Dargis,

Are you looking for easy mainstream ideas to help you simplify your life and enjoy more with less?

This ebook summarizes all the tips that were shared during my interviews with 16 simplicity bestselling authors and famous bloggers. You’ll find easy solutions and mainstream ideas to help  you simplify the five most important areas of your life which are: time, health, things, finances and relationships.

The featured experts are:

Dave Bruno – 100 Thing Challenge
Leo Babauta – Zen Habits
Courtney Carver – Be More With Less
Joshua Becker – Becoming Minimalist
Tammy Strobel – Rowdy Kittens
Colleen Madsen – 365 Less Things
Beth Dargis – My Simpler Life
Annie Brewer –
Robert Wall – Untitled Minimalism
Miriam Ortiz y Pino – More Than Organized
LJ Earnest – Simple Productivity Blog
Andrea Briggs-  The Inside Thread Creative Studio
Jenny McCutcheon – Ex-Consumer
Joel Zaslofsky – Value of Simple
Megyn Scott-Hintz – Minimalist Mommi
Nina Yau – Castles In The Air

Here’s just a sample of what you’re going to learn in this book:


  1. How to effectively manage your to-do list.
  2. How to have the time to do everything you want.
  3. How to naturally fit the important things in your schedule.
  4. The myth of time management hacks.
  5. How decluttering can help you quit your dead-end job and find more time for the things you enjoy.
  6. What to do when you’re not maximally productive?


  1. The easiest way to improve your health.
  2. A smart way to make exercising more fun and less boring.
  3. The three Italian ingredients that make real/raw food super tasty.
  4. How a little bit of planning can make good health accessible to the average person.
  5. How Annie lost 65 pounds using this very simple tip for losing weight and having more energy.
  6. What is Paleo Diet (popularly referred to as the caveman diet)?


  1. How to declutter your stuff without draining your energy.
  2. What is the first thing you need to do when you decide to become a minimalist?
  3. What are the things that you should get rid of as soon as possible?
  4. The difference between simplicity, minimalism and frugality.
  5. The ‘Fewer But Better’ rule.
  6. The “If it has a place” rule to de-clutter your stuff.
  7. How can you apply the “100 Thing Challenge”?
  8. How can you apply the  “Continuous Creation Challenge”.
  9. Megyn’s secret question that helps her maintain a decluttered home.
  10. The golden simplicity principle that pertains to everything.


  1. How to keep your bills small.
  2. How to save money by stopping just one thing from occurring.
  3. The one-in-one-out rule to simplify and control your finances.
  4. How to overcome one of the biggest money suckers.
  5. How to entertain people over dinner (or a party) at your home without breaking your budget.
  6. How to eliminate your debt and prevent any new debt from incurring.
  7. How to protect yourself from the influences of advertising.
  8. How to spend money without feeling guilty?
  9. The biggest three areas where most people get into trouble financially.


  1. How to attract good people to your life.
  2. What is the value that is more important than understanding each other?
  3. The importance of saying NO.
  4. How authenticity leads to simplicity in relationships.
  5. How to make someone feel that sh/e is important to you.
  6. Why is it helpful to be direct and assertive with others?
  7. How to overcome people’s resistance to your pursuit of simple living.
  8. How to find more time for the key people in your life.
  9. The “Fully Engaged” principle for building quality relationships.

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  1. All 16 audio recordings (MP3) available for immediate download to listen to on your favorite mobile device.
  2. All 16 video recordings (Mov) available for immediate download to watch on your favorite mobile device.



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“This book is as simple as can be, and I mean that in the best possible way. It has insight, trial and error, ultimate success and little things that can help us all make a big impact. Tohami really took a simple idea – to explore simplicity – and leveraged the journey in exciting ways. By living his simplicity and sharing it with the world he has helped me strengthen my own voice and commitment to simplicity. I think it will happen for you too! There are some really good ideas here.”

– Miriam Ortiz y Pino,


“This book takes the spontaneous wisdom of people living simple, intentional lives and converts it into a measured source of motivation. Very concisely, Tohami structures Midway Simplicity to take you on a journey with everyone from aspiring minimalists to accomplished simplicity veterans. Whether you need to improve your relationship with money, time, or your friends, there’s more than enough to move beyond inspiration and into actual change.

– Joel Zaslofsky,


“Midway Simplicity is a resource full of differing perspectives on simple living that remain independent, yet beautifully coincide to create the ultimate guide in simplifying your life. Tohami has taken his own viewpoints on simplicity, and then blown them wide open with the ideas of other simple living writers. This book will motivate, inspire and teach you how simple living can improve your health, finances, relationships and life!”

– Jenny McCutcheon,


“This book is an awesome guide that will inspire you to go small, be happy, and think big. It’s a must read.”

– Tammy Strobel, Bestselling author of You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap)


“This book will uplift your perspective of living simply. Not only that, you’ll find yourself quickly adopting these practical methods into your daily life with joy and ease!”

– Andrea Briggs, Inside Thread Studio


Get ready to enjoy more with less!

To Your Simple Life,

Mohamed Tohami


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